Powerwall Post-Installation

Start using your Powerwall

After installation, you can start using Powerwall when the utility provides Permission to Operate (PTO). PTO requirements vary by region and utility. Your installation team will provide updates on PTO for your system.

Tesla App

Once your Powerwall has been turned on, download the Tesla app and start monitoring your Powerwall and home energy use.

Tesla App Log In Screen

Step 1: Log In

Note: Use the same email account you used to order Powerwall. If you are a Tesla vehicle owner, use the same email address to sign into your Tesla Account to start monitoring your Powerwall and home energy usage.

Tesla App Notification Screen

Step 2: Select Notification Preferences

You will be notified in instances such as a power outage when Powerwall starts backing up your home.

Tesla App Logged In

Step 3: You are now logged into the Tesla mobile app

To learn about the features of the Tesla mobile app, watch the mobile app overview video. To learn about customizing your Powerwall, view the pages below: