Order Powerwall

  • Step 1: Place an Order If Tesla installs in your area, place an order to get started. Tesla will contact you to learn more about your home energy needs and determine the right Powerwall system for you. If Tesla does not install in your area, find a Tesla Certified Installer.
  • Step 2: Home Energy Assessment After you place your order, we will assess the best location for Powerwall and determine the appropriate supporting hardware. You will have complete control over your survey with our step-by-step home assessment guide. Your Tesla Advisor will be on standby in case you need any assistance or have any questions.
  • Step 3: Review Powerwall Agreement Your Payment Details will include your final hardware and installation pricing for your Powerwall system. A Tesla Advisor will call you to review the agreement and answer any questions you may have. Once confirmed, Tesla will take care of your permit and all Interconnection documents in preparation for your installation.
  • Step 4: Schedule Installation After you approve your agreement, a Tesla Specialist will contact you to determine the best time to deliver and install your system. Installation and setup is performed by Tesla.
  • Step 5: Installation On installation day you will need to be home to let the installation crew in and be available throughout the day. Your home will lose power for a minimum of four hours during the installation process. This should be one of the last times you have a power outage.
  • Step 6: Download the Tesla App Once the system is installed, you can download the Tesla mobile app to monitor your Powerwall and home energy use in real-time, anywhere.

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