Tesla Shared Charging Program

Tesla's mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy by designing and manufacturing electric cars, batteries, and renewable energy generation and storage products. As part of Tesla’s commitment to the mission, we continue to expand our charging network over Hong Kong by providing a convenient and seamless charging experience to all Tesla owners.

Tesla Shared Charging Program provides comprehensive charging and technical support for designated residential and commercial buildings, offering one of the quickest and seamless charging solutions for visitors, hourly parking users or workplace parking users. Contact us now for an easy assessment and learn more about the program details.

Our Shared Charging network is constantly expanding to satisfy the growing charging demands from both residential and commercial sectors, as well as Tesla owners.

Join the program now to enjoy the benefits below

  • Bring convenience to EV owners with a comprehensive charging solution
  • Free from annual fee and contract
  • Add value to your public parking facilities and increase carpark utilization
  • Create marketing synergies and bring in Tesla owners and foot traffic to retailers
  • Increase property value and achieve common goal of sustainable development

For eligible participants, Tesla provides

  • Free Tesla Wall Connector (with 3 years of warranty)
  • Total ownership of Tesla Wall Connectors and the installation work
  • Free charging support and site assessment performed by Tesla’s recommended installers
  • Technical consultations and regular product experience seminars

Tesla shared charger/ Wall Connector features

Hardware Description

  • Customizable power levels, allowing installation with charging speed up to 70 km per hour
  • Compatible with 220 volt single phase and 380 volt 3 phase power supplies
  • Mounted to a wall or post, the Wall Connector can be installed both indoors and outdoors

Learn more about the Wall Connector.

Program application or enquiries

Our Tesla charging team has comprehensive experience supporting different residential and building projects in the city. For support, please contact us by

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