Energy Support

Mobile App Overview

The Tesla app allows you to manage your Tesla products from anywhere. To provide you with one seamless experience, Tesla will continue to introduce new feature enhancements. If you already have the Tesla app for your car, use the same email address when registering your Powerwall. If you are a new Tesla customer, download the Tesla app.

Monitoring Energy Consumption

You can monitor your home energy system in real time using your Tesla app. From the home screen select ‘Power Flow,’ to see how Powerwall is interacting with your home, the grid and your solar system. From the ‘Power Flow’ screen, you can also select the bar chart icon to access the graph page and see more details and historical usage.

Customizing Your Powerwall

Powerwall can be customized to meet your specific needs. By selecting different modes in the ‘Customize’ section of your Tesla app, you can change how your Powerwall is charged and discharged.

Modes When to Use
Self-Powered To minimize your carbon footprint and become more energy independent. Only available when paired with solar.
Backup-Only To maximize protection during an outage.
Time-Based Control If your energy price varies through the day, to lower your energy bill.

Reserve for Power Outages

It is also possible to combine modes. To do this, set a reserve percentage – this is the amount of energy your Powerwall will keep stored in case of an outage. To adjust the reserve percentage, use the ‘+’ and ‘-’ icons. Then choose a different mode for the remaining percentage. We recommend setting the reserve percentage to 20%.

For example, you can set a reserve of 20% for Backup-Only mode and select Self-Powered for the remaining 80%. This ensures that during an outage you have 20% of your Powerwall energy saved, while 80% of your Powerwall energy is used to power your home daily.

Selecting a reserve percentage of 100% is the same as being in Backup-Only. If 100% is selected, you will not receive Self-Powered or Time-Based Control benefits.

You can change modes as often as you like, but keep in mind that changes can take up to an hour to take effect. Learn more about each mode below. As with all Tesla products, we will continue to add new features and modes over time.

Tesla App and Internet Connection

Powerwall needs Internet connection (over wired Ethernet, your home Wi-Fi or a cellular connection) to receive software updates and to communicate with the Tesla app for energy monitoring. A reliable connection is necessary to provide new product features over time.

If connection is lost temporarily, Powerwall can continue to operate with its most recent settings, but it should not be installed in a location without Internet or cellular service. At times when your connection is down, you will not be able to monitor operation or change settings until connectivity is restored. During a power outage, Internet is often still available, meaning you can view your Powerwall status. If this is not the case, see Monitoring from Home.