Energy Support


Self-Powered Mode on Tesla App

Self-Powered mode stores any solar energy not used during the day to power your home at night. Powerwall will charge when excess solar power is produced. This stored energy will then be used when your home needs more power than solar can provide.

When you have enough solar energy to offset all consumption and your Powerwall is fully charged, the excess energy will be exported to the grid. Similarly, if you are consuming more than is available from your solar and Powerwall, you will import energy from the grid.

This mode approximately doubles the amount of solar energy that powers your home and is the best way to reduce your carbon footprint and be more energy independent.

How to set up Self-Powered

Tesla App Home Screen

Step 1:

From the home screen, tap 'Customize.'

Select Self-Powered Percentage

Step 2:

Select Self-Powered mode. Tap plus or minus to adjust the percentage reserved for power outages.