Energy Support

Solar Panel Installation

The Tesla solar panel installation process begins with scheduling and preparing for your installation prior to your actual installation day.

Scheduling Your Installation

Once your system design is finalized and we have the necessary approvals to move forward with your project, Tesla will schedule the first available date for your solar panel installation. Sign in to your Tesla Account to learn more.

Tesla may need to reschedule your installation if there is poor weather on your installation date. We will contact you to find another suitable time if a reschedule is required.

Preparing for Installation

  • Obtain approval from your Homeowner’s Association (HOA) if you are part of one.
  • Ensure no other contractors or workers are on site during your solar installation. We cannot start installation if other workers are on site.
  • Clear cars from your driveway and any breakable objects from your yard. Provide safe access to your electrical panel.
  • Contact Tesla if work has been done to your home since you ordered your system.
  • Ensure someone 18 years or older is home for the first hour of installation.
  • Please keep any pets away from the installation area for their safety.
  • Have your Wi-Fi network name and password handy.

What to Expect on Installation Day



On installation day, a Tesla crew will arrive on your property and the Crew Lead will greet you before the installation team places safety cones and caution tape around your home. Ladders will be placed in key areas so the crew can quickly access your roof and begin the installation process.

Most installations are completed within one day, while larger or more complex systems can take two or more days. Solar-only installations typically require the power to be out for 1-3 hours. Powerwall installations usually require the power to be shut off for 6-8 hours.

If any of your electrical equipment (like your main panel) is inside of your home or if any equipment will be installed inside, we will need someone 18 years or older to be home for the duration of the installation.

What to Expect After Installation

Once your installation is complete, the Crew Lead will walk you through your system and how to monitor your energy production through the Tesla app. Tesla will work with your local utility and state agencies to receive approval to turn on your system.