Energy Support

Roof Complexity

Your roof’s complexity will determine your Solar Roof installation’s level of difficulty, which is factored into your final purchase price. Roofs fall into three tiers of complexity — simple, intermediate and complex. Roof complexity is determined by the number and severity of roof obstructions such as the pitch, number of joints, chimneys and other features on your roof that add to the difficulty of the installation.

Complexity Tiers

The lists below include general factors considered when determining your roof’s level of complexity. Your roof may not contain every feature of any one tier. Once you place a Solar Roof order, we will determine the level of complexity that best applies to your roof.


  • Single-level roof
  • Uncrowded mounting planes
  • Few obstructions (pipes, chimneys, skylights)
  • Low pitch


  • Multi-level roof (roof sections built on multiple stories of your house)
  • More crowded mounting plane
  • More obstructions (pipes, chimneys, skylights)
  • Higher pitch


  • Multi-level roof (roof sections built on multiple stories of your house)
  • Heavily crowded mounting plane
  • Many obstructions (pipes, chimneys, skylights)
  • Steep pitch

Customized to Your Roof

When placing an order for Solar Roof, you will be asked to evaluate your roof’s level of complexity based on the above factors to the best of your ability. Once your order is placed, our design team will use remote imagery to confirm your roof’s complexity and system fit in order to complete the design of your Solar Roof. You will be notified if we assign a new level of complexity to your roof and your purchase price will be updated to reflect this after your system design is complete.