Ending Your Lease Early

There are a few options available if you are interested in ending your lease early.

Transfer Your Lease

You may be eligible to transfer your lease to a credit-approved assignee. Lease transfers are not permitted in the final 12 months of the lease period, and the current leaseholder is responsible for finding an applicant to take over their lease.

Note: Free Supercharging and Premium Connectivity will not transfer to the new owner.



Getting Started
Once you’ve found a potential transferee, follow these steps to initiate the lease transfer:

For additional information, review the Leasing Assumptions Information Packet or contact us.

Early Termination

Although it can be costly, early lease termination is allowed if you have at least one lease payment remaining.

There are two options for early lease termination:

Note: You must remit payment and submit an odometer disclosure at the time of car return.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tesla offer a third-party dealership buyout option?
Tesla does not offer a third-party dealership buyout option. If you would like to end your lease early, review your Lease Agreement to learn more about your options.